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Located Southeast of Aberdeen South Dakota, a premier pheasant hunting location, Royal Flush is home to some of the best pheasant hunting in the state.
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South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Lodge

At Royal Flush Hunting Lodge, a premier South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Lodge, we offer over 4,000 acres of prime world class pheasant hunting land near Aberdeen, South Dakota. All of this land is a different nature such as corn strips, sloughs, CRP, grasslands, food plots, and shelterbelts giving hunters all types of terrain to hunt on different days. We are located in Stratford, SD which is the heart of pheasant and deer country. We offer guided pheasant hunts along with archery deer hunts.

Plan on doing what you come here to do – HUNT! Depending on the weather conditions, group size, and time of the day will determine on what the best methods to hunt these fields are.

We can not guarantee your limit of birds, but we do guarantee that you will see them and it is up to you to shoot them.

Our goals are to make sure that pheasant hunters have an amazing experience with us, have a great hunt, and hopefully create lasting friendships. With our love of hunting and the opportunity to guide other hunters from all over the nation, we do everything possible to make sure that you will have created memories of a lifetime and hopefully started some traditions as well. Young to old, novice to experienced, male or female, small groups to corporate parties — all are more than welcome to come enjoy what South Dakota has to offer.

Thank you for checking out our website, and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to call or email us. If you are ever in our area, please stop by and say hi!

Pheasant Hunts

South Dakota is one of the highest pheasant populated states, if not the highest. It stands a reason as to why the ringneck pheasant has been named the state bird of South Dakota. It began a little over a century ago around 1908 when the pheasants were introduced into South Dakota, and since then they flourished thus starting the state pheasant season in 1919. Because of the massive amounts of pheasants, flights get booked months and months in advance by out-of-state hunters to ensure they make it here during the next pheasant season.

The reason behind this is simple…habitat and wildlife management. There are endless fields of corn and soybeans along with an enormous amount of CRP land. Plus, there are countless food plots to entice and protect the birds even more. Not only do the lodges manage fields for the wildlife and habitat, many landowners are doing the same thing. Royal Flush is home to some of the best pheasant hunting in the state. Having over 4,000 acres of prime hunting land, there are plenty of opportunities to hunt over a wide variety of habitat.

We have a few different seasons in South Dakota for pheasant hunting – early (preserve land), normal, and late (preserve land). Early season begins the first part of September until around the middle of October, normal season continues until around the end of December, and late season proceeds until the end of March. These different seasons allow for a variety of hunting methods, testing skill levels, and sometimes testing toughness levels as well.

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    Whitetail Hunts

    South Dakota deer hunting is without a doubt some of the best whitetail deer hunting around especially in the northeastern part of the state. There are plenty of sloughs, cornfields, shelterbelts, food plots, and old farmsteads that provide excellent shelter for bucks to reach a great maturity. Here at Royal Flush we take pride in the land that we have and ensure that bow hunters have the best opportunities possible to get a beautiful buck.


    Buffalo Hunts

    New for the 2018-19 South Dakota hunting season, Royal Flush is now offering clients with an amazing opportunity to hunt buffalo in South Dakota! These magnificent animals are not only wonderful trophies but you also get quite the haul in meat for your freezer. From trophy bull hunts to a cow meat hunt, we have over 7,000 acres available for you to take part in this amazing hunting adventure!



    Our goal is to to make sure that the hunters have the most memorable experience possible.



    With enough room to accommodate up to 21 guests, we can host a wide variety of group sizes. From large to small – our lodge will have plenty of space for them all.



    Whether it is your first time to South Dakota pheasant hunting or it is one of many, we have some tips for planning your hunt here at Royal Flush Hunting Lodge.


    Teaming up with American Hero Outdoors

    This past fall Royal Flush Hunting Lodge – – South Dakota Hunting & Fishing, SD Wounded Warriors, Great Plains Outdoorsman, Glacial Lakes & Prairies Tourism Association of Northeast South Dakota, American Heroes Outdoors TV, and Gisi Pheasant Farms, LLC. teamed up to provide a great opportunity and hunt for disabled and wounded veterans in and from the South Dakota region. This was a great opportunity for everyone involved and was an unforgettable experience for hunters. It is our way of saying thank you to our veterans for serving and protecting us.

    American Heroes Outdoors Television is a documentation of journey, commitment, struggle and healing. Our program is a tribute to this nation’s service men and women. Their stories are compelling and real.

    We believe the outdoors makes our society better. The message we have to our viewers is twofold. Hunting and fishing is a rich heritage that can enrich the life of any man or woman. Time spent in the field or on the water cleanses the senses and soul. Our hope with this programming however is not just to leave you with an appreciation for what the outdoors can do for people; we also want to give you a glimpse to the sacrifice, bravery and commitment of our American Heroes. The United States of America remains a land of opportunity and prosperity because of the selflessness of our military and service personnel

    If you or a friend, relative or loved one who served their country would like to appear as a guest on American Hero Outdoors Television, please contact us as we are reaching out to as many heroes as possible as we film each season. Guests are not only limited to military service. Law enforcement along with fire and rescue personnel are also featured.