Spring is Coming

Winter is coming to an end, finally. Even though we have had a fairly easy winter (except for the freezing rain and ice that seemed to last forever), spring can not seem to get here fast enough. Further east of us got nailed pretty hard with ice storms knocking over tons of power lines. Many people were without power for a couple weeks!

Clocks get adjusted in about a week so we can gain an extra hour of sunshine which means that shortly thereafter, spring arrives! With pheasant season being pretty much over, most people would think that there is nothing to do until pheasant season comes around again. Actually, this is when the work begins.

Now it is time to start preparing for next season with all kinds of things to do. The lodge needs some updating, spring cleaning, and some maintenance. Many times it seems as there is not enough hours in a day to get things accomplished. But the fun part about getting ready for next season is working on the land.

We have our food plots all designated and it is about time for the preparation of getting those in. On the extra acreage that we got this year, we will be planting various mixes to help feed the pheasant chicks which will also provide food for the fall and winter….not too mention cover for them from the predators around.

Speaking of predators, the coyote population must be on a decrease as we have finally seen a couple fox around. Haven’t seen much for fox around lately. Many of the coyotes this year seemed to be a bit mangy making it difficult for the hunters and trappers to make some money on the furs. Even though fox cause havoc on the pheasant population, I believe that coyotes cause even more. Not too mention skunks, raccoon, mink, etc.

This past season was excellent for pheasant hunting, however, this next season should be even better especially with the added land and the food plots. Looking forward to fall to see how the food plots turn out!

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