South Dakota Pheasant Hunts

Interested in a learning more about South Dakota pheasant hunts?

South Dakota is one of the highest pheasant populated states, if not the highest. It stands a reason as to why the ringneck pheasant has been named the state bird of South Dakota. It began a little over a century ago around 1908 when the pheasants were introduced into South Dakota, and since then they flourished thus starting the state pheasant season in 1919. Because of the massive amounts of pheasants, flights get booked months and months in advance by out-of-state hunters to ensure they make it here during the next pheasant season.

We have a few different seasons in South Dakota for pheasant hunting – early (preserve land), normal, and late (preserve land). Early season begins the first part of September until around the middle of October, normal season continues until around the end of December, and late season proceeds until the end of March. These different seasons allow for a variety of hunting methods, testing skill levels, and sometimes testing toughness levels as well.

Hunting in Aberdeen, South Dakota in the fall and winter will bring various conditions, so be prepared to dress for rain, snow, or shine. When the hunt is over for the day, feel free to take a warm shower and get ready for the evening…we will take care of the birds for you. After a long day of hunting, some people like to just lay around and relax while others want to keep the fun going.  Check out the lodge and see what all there is to do! All hunters are required to wear the proper hunting clothing. Please check out our what to bring section to ensure that the hunt will be a fun and memorable experience.

South Dakota Pheasant Hunts can be split into 2 different seasons. The early season, typically October – Early November. The early pheasant hunting season is a perfect time to work out the kinks and get a good feel for how the pheasants are here in South Dakota.

The temperatures normally range from the 30s on up to the 70s.  It tends to get a little warm while hunting in the field so make sure to bring some water.  Birds during this time of season are young and haven’t been shot at much so they are typically a little bit easier to shoot.  Normally there is not too much snow to speak of which makes the hunts a little bit easier.  Plan on wearing lighter clothes and waterproof boots.  For new hunters in the family, this would be the perfect time to sharpen their skills and learn the process.

The second part of the season or the late season brings out the hunters who like more of a challenge and don’t mind doing a little work. Temperatures are normally pretty cold anywhere from the 40s down to below zero which allows for more snow. The birds are more mature, bunch up together and have been shot at so they are a little bit smarter this time of year. It’s fun and it’s a challenge! Plan on layering up to keep the toes and fingers warm.


Price is per hunter

Early Season Hunts
Sep 15th – Oct 20th

4N/3D - $2699

3N/2D $2299

In Season Hunts
Oct 21st – Dec 15th

4N/3D - $3399

3N/2D $2599

Late Season Hunts
Dec 16th – Mar 31st

4N/3D - $2699

3N/2D $2299

In addition to base package we include

  • 5 birds per day (with option for more at $40 per bird)
  • Shotgun provided (pump, break-action, or semi-auto)
  • Ammo provided for hunting
  • Non-resident hunting license
  • Gratuities for guides and staff

*Single Hunters please inquire on price.
*Tax is not included and is responsible by the hunter in our all-inclusive packages.

Additional Options Available

  • Non-hunter $200/day
  • Custom pheasant hunts available during the early and late season
  • Corporate discounts available
  • Youth discounts available for 16 years and younger
  • Gun rentals available – pump, break-action, semi-auto


Price is per hunter

Early Season Hunts
Sep 15th – Oct 20th

4N/3D - $1499

3N/2D $1199

In Season Hunts
Oct 21st – Dec 15th

4N/3D - $1999

3N/2D $1599

Late Season Hunts
Dec 16th – Mar 31st

4N/3D - $1499

3N/2D $1199

  • Lodging – Gourmet Meals
  • Professionally guided hunting
  • 3 birds per day (with option for more at $40 per bird)
  • Top shelf beverages with appetizers
  • Bird cleaning, packaging, and freezing of all game birds
  • Satellite Tv and WIFI, Billiards, darts, and foosball
  • Boot dryers in each room, smart TV in each room, gun rentals
  • Trapshooting – ammo and clays provided for trapshooting
  • Airport pickup and drop-off from Aberdeen

*Single Hunters please inquire on price.
*Not included in the base price packages are tax, license, gratuities and is responsible by the hunter.

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    A Royal Flush Hunt

    Sometimes the hunts last all day and sometimes they only last a couple hours, depending on how the birds are and mainly on how the shooters are. For groups with 5 or less hunters, we may combine them together depending on the availability.

    With over 4,000 acres, there is plenty of land to make sure that there is a different type of hunt every day.  Please remember that you are coming here to hunt, so we can not guarantee you will get your limit every day.  All of this will depend on many factors such as the weather, the dogs, the pheasants, and obviously how well the hunters can shoot.

    *** For those of you that are bringing dogs, we do ask that you keep them from roaming around the lodge. Males tend to mark their area which creates all kinds of problems.  Females that are in heat WILL NOT BE ALLOWED for obvious reasons. We do ask that the dogs stay in the run area or in a kennel. ***

    DAY 1

    3-5pm Check-In
    Get hunting license, get vehicles unloaded and settled in your room, meet the staff, check out store for clothing and shells, grab some drinks and start relaxing

    Enjoy game area including pool, darts, table top game, cards, dice, watch tv and perhaps enjoy a football game
    Socialize with hunters/staff

    Dinner Time
    ** Rotating Menu**

    After Supper
    Meet other hunters, relax with a drink, sit by the fire and enjoy the countryside, continue with the pool game, cards or dice, watch the games on tv

    DAY 2-4

    6:00 – 8:00 am
    Wake up to fresh brewed coffee and pastries

    8:00 am
    Breakfast Time
    ** Rotating Menu**
    Safety Meeting – Day 2

    9:00 am
    Trapshooting and get ready to head to the fields

    10:00 am
    Time to Hunt! Depart to the fields with the guides

    12:00 pm
    Lunch in the field – Relax and enjoy mother nature then continue the hunt

    2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
    Return to lodge, group photo, enjoy appetizers or some warm soup

    7:00 pm
    Dinner Time
    ** Rotating Menu **

    After Supper
    Relax and enjoy the evening, play games, sit by bonfire, socialize with hunters/staff

    DAY 5

    6:00 – 8:00 am
    Fresh brewed coffee and continental breakfast

    8:00 – 9:00 am
    Check out
    Make sure that you haven’t left anything in the room or lodge
    **Grab a Royal Flush Hunting Lodge reusable cooler for your birds to take home
    **Visit the store for gifts to take home for friends/family
    **Make sure that you are rebooked for next year to save your spot!
    **Travel Safe and return home to your friends/family!!**

    Rates and Booking

    • A 50% deposit is required to reserve your preferred hunting dates.  The rest of the deposit needs to be paid upon arrival or prior to.
    • Reserve your dates early! Spaces fill up very quickly.
    • Not included: License – Gratuities – 6.0% South Dakota sales tax – Ammunition
    • Deposits are non-refundable, however you may be allowed to switch your dates around providing that there are openings. Sorry, but the dates have to stay within the same hunting season. If you have any concerns at all, please feel free to call us and we will do what we can to accommodate you.

    It is highly recommended to purchase travel insurance, just because things happen.

    Hunter Safety in the Fields

    Safety among everything else should be everybody’s most important factor in the hunt. Hunters are encouraged to check out the South Dakota Game and Fish website for current rules, regulations and safety precautions.

    • Alcohol is only permitted after the hunt is over.  No alcohol will be allowed before or during the hunt.
    • All hunters will be required to sign a release of liability prior to hunting.
    • Hunters must wear orange outerwear (coat, vest, sweatshirt, etc.) along with orange headwear
    • Hunters must wear protective eyegear such as shooting glasses or sunglasses
    • Hunters must have their hunting license on them at all times which is available for purchase at most gas stations or sporting goods stores.  They can also be purchased online at SDGFP

    A full list of required and recommended items to bring/wear is found in our what to bring section.

    Hunters that blatantly disregard the safety of other hunters, guides, or dogs will be asked to leave immediately. We want hunters to come and enjoy their hunt, but more importantly we want them to return home safely!